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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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typical zika virus symptoms, fever, rash, red eyes, joint pain. her doctor ordered the test and it was positive. there are two methods of transmission. mosquitos or sexual contact. are no zika virus infected mosquitos in this region. as for the baby, no signs of infection on the baby so far, but they'll continue to monitor the baby. as for the woman who came back, she's between 30 and 45. she is not suffering any symptoms either. so mostly today, from the napa county health department, a warning, don't go to the regions, don't travel, especially if you're pregnant. talk to your doctor first and be careful when you come back. wayne freedman, "abc7 news." >> wayne, thank you. this napa county case makes four confirmed zika virus cases
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in california this year. that's another case involving someone who traveled internationally in yolo county. and there's a zika case in san diego county involving a woman who just got back from colombia. all of them are recovering. officialing at the centers for disease control delivering some ominous news about the spread of zika virus. puerto rico is at great risk for the virus, where 1 in 5 residents could be infected. they estimate 700,000 people on the u.s. territory could be infected by the end of this year. the cdc says they do not think they are able to stop the outbreak. as i said, it's ominous. developing news this evening, investigators in brisbane have confirmed a dismembered body is that of a missing woman. that's been the sus spigs. the remains of shelly tichner first turned up last month.
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hikers located additional remains over the weekend. her husband, paul, reported her missing the day before valentine's day. he committed suicide by jumping off the bay bridge soon after the remains were first discovered. police say they have enough evidence to name him as a suspect, but he killed himself. melanie woodrow tells you about one crucial part of this investigation authorities are still working to solve at 6:00. in just a few hours, we'll start getting the first of many storms headed to the bay area. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a look at the wet week ahead. sandhya? >> that's right. obvious lly behind me, we have e fog and clouds and we are tracking a system bringing rain to crescent city right now. this system is a light system on our storm impact scale. we rank the storms one light, five severe. and late tonight through thursday, it's a light system.
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don't put your umbrellas away once you pull them out. as you notice, our march rain chances continues through the 14th, except for tuesday the 8th. this is one computer model that is painting a wet picture. over the next seven days, we are expecting to count rainfall in inches. the strongest of the series of storms coming in is a three on our storm impact scale, as i mentioned. and it will impact your weekend. this definitely will be a game changer. i'll be back with a detailed look at the hour by hour timeline of tonight's storm and the next two coming up. dan? >> sandhya, thank you very much. people who live near a popular tourist spot saying it's attracting thieves at the tiled steps at 16th and moraga. >> reporter: tourists take pictures at the base of the
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mosaic steps, right at their feet is part of a car window, broken glass litters the surrounding streets. neighbor rachel garcia says crime in the area is out of control. she no longer feels safe, parking her car outside her own house. >> thieves are casing the area, looking for out of state plates. sometimes they're as brazen as going up to someone and saying, so are you looking for the tiled steps? walk all the way up to the top. >> reporter: she knows thieves have just enough time to etchty out a car during the ten minutes it takes to walk up and down the tiled steps. she has reported the break-ins and sightings of a suspicious car to police. >> the precinct tells us they're inundated. they can't keep up with all the reports. >> reporter: is that good enough excuse? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: neighbors have been posting flyers warning visitors
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of break-ins and talking to people in person, posting warnings on yelp and have reached out to the city asking for permanent signage. she wants visitors to remember the beautiful art, not the ugly scene she's sick of seeing by the cars parked below. alyssa harrington, "abc7 news." a man who claims he was also beaten by the jail guards accused of killing another inmate testified in court today. he says he was abused by the guards immediately before the death of michael tyree. although he suffers from schizophrenia, prosecutors say his story is reliable. he testified today to determine whether the guards will face murder charges. he says he heard screaming coming from a cell below his, believed to have been tyrees. he says the screaming lasted about five minutes. two people facing charges
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for thefts targeting b.a.r.t. passengers. b.a.r.t. police today announced arrests for the thefts of catalytic converters. >> a station agent called b.a.r.t. police to report he saw a man under a parked vehicle who appeared to be working on the car. a few minutes later, the male removed an object and got into the vehicle and drove from the lot. >> a total of 23 catalytic converters were stolen from b.a.r.t. lots system wide last month alone. there's a real battle going on in the east bay over a mascot. students have long been the rebels. no one wants to change that name, just the image that goes with it. laura anthony is live in san lorenzo tonight. >> reporter: there are alumni that say it should stay, if nothing else it would be too expensive to change it all over
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this campus. but others say it's outdated, it's inappropriated a and a slap in the face. he is everywhere you look at this high school, on the sign in front, on sweatshirts, and flashed across the outside and the inside of the gymnasium. but now some say it's time for rebel guy to go. >> we want a mascot that has zero reflection of a confederate-like image. >> reporter: the principal is leading the effort to get rid of the mascot, but not the name. >> we really love being rebels, being courageous, high spirited, standing up for what is wrong and what is right. >> reporter: the current mascot dates back to 1997, when rebel guy was seen as a softening of the prior image, which depicted a confederate colonel. and the yearbook was called the
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confederate. while some have pledged allegiance, none of the supporters spoke tuesday night. as for the students, should it be changed? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because it represents something racist and not really okay with it. >> it doesn't offend me. some people say it offends other black people. but i think it doesn't offend nobody because it's not a problem until somebody pointed it out. >> not to me, but a lot of people think it's offensive. then yeah, we should change it. >> reporter: the school board is expected to make its decision about the fate of rebel guy in the coming weeks. in san lorenzo, laura anthony, "abc7 news." silicon valley's largest provider must spend at least $14 million to drain and test a critical pipeline that failed last summer and could have more problems. the concrete pipe delivers up to 40% of the drinking water for santa clara county. last august, a catastrophic
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failure along a section of that pipeline sent 15 million gallons of water into a cow pasture. the entire line was turned off for one month while crews replaced 24 feet of the pipe. now more testing is needed to figure out if there are more issues with the 30-year-old pipe. >> they're looking for anything, cracks, corrosion, any leaks. they need to make repairs, sometimes they have to let the water out of the pipe to make the repairs. >> water officials open to complete a full inspection of the pipe by 2019. they think it may have cracked at the factory before it was ever installed. a bakersfield jail inmate tried to ram his way to freedom. 23-year-old ramone castro slipped out of his handcuffs while being taken to court, got behind the wheel of the van and rammed through the gate.
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a deputy used his personal truck to block the getaway path. all inmates were taken back into custody. city officials call it a success story. a cleanup effort may have had an unintended ripple effect. the pentagon taps eric schmidt. and spotting alzheimer's years before it develops. and a big remind they are the warriors are not quite a
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city officials in san francisco say their cleanup of homeless tents is a success. the encampment at division street is nearly cleared out and so is another encampment or ceasar chavez.
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vic lee has more. >> reporter: dan, it was a surprise even to one city official i was speaking with who was involved in that operation. now, in that division street sweep, there were no arrests, and 114 people were taken to shelters. but other homeless people in other parts of the city also apparently packed up and left. but without as much prodding. this was another large homeless encampment. this one on ceasar chavez under highway 101. at its height, we're told there were 100 or more homeless living under the freeway in tents and makeshift homes. >> we used to have a big table right here to come over here and eat. >> reporter: but today to our surprise, it was like a ghost town. >> most of us pretty much left. >> reporter: do you know where they went? >> i do not. >> reporter: earl hall and just a handful of other squatters were left. >> now we're here, and there's
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only five of us and we're holding it down. >> reporter: hall says his neighbors left abruptly. most of them this weekend. >> they disbursed and i guess the police came and told everybody that we've got to go. >> reporter: while almost all the attention was turned on the city sweep on division street, there seemed to be a ripple effect on this encampment, as well. some reportedly went to the temporary shelter on pier 80. as did 95 others from the division street sweep. others refused to go to shelters. they would rather be free. >> the rules. gets there on time. eventually i know i would break one of those rules and get kicked out again. >> reporter: earl hall has lived on the ceasar chavez homeless camp for six months. he proudly showed us his house, a spacious tent with a couch and bed. clean and comfortable.
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he knows he too will have to leave at some point, but for now, this is home. vic lee, "abc7 news." the death of a woman has prompted san francisco officials to update traffic signs at a market street intersection. these signs tell drivers it's illegal for most vehicles to turn left. despite the signs, we spotted several cars making the illegal left turn today. one of those illegal turns killed a 38-year-old woman last month as she crossed market in a wheelchair. layoffs are under way at palo alto based survey monkey. they're cutting 100 jobs. reports say the layoffs at the polling service are part of a larger restructuring plan. it's not the only bay area business in trouble. >> michael finney has more.
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>> you probably remember this. i reported earlier how thousands pumped money into a project called coolest cooler. today the creator admits that money is gone. he e-mailed backers worldwide that each paid $185 that many of them they have received a cooler as promised. cooler cooler has special features. today, he admitted he ran out of money but isn't giving up. in a google chat, he promised backers will get their coolers. eventually. >> when it shows up on your door, you'll realize that hopefully you'll realize and free that the wait was worth it and you'll be satisfied in the long haul. because that's what we promised. >> reporter: some have already sold on amazon.
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now he's looking for a partner he says. the other company in trouble is sports authority. the fitness retailer filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy today. and it plans to close one-third of its stores, about 140 in all. six are located in california, and sports authority faced stiff competition from retailers like dick's sporting goods and amazon. sports authority is still accepting gift cards, though you may want to get there quick to make sure your card gets redeemed. microsoft anti-virus program will alert you if your computer is under attack. hackers keep finding ways to breakthrough the latest anty virus programs. the window will detect the viruses as they are trying to invade your computer.
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quick detection is key to protecting your files. how many times have you checked your smartphone today? some people may be addicted to their gadgets. >> it was too close to what i heard of, heroin addiction. it scared me to death. >> reporter: hundreds of tech weary users are turning to a bay area company for a digital detox. tonight on "abc7 news" at 11:00, i'll show you how to know if you need to disconnect from your digital life. check out these people right there. an amazing report tonight at 11:00. >> we need that detox. thanks, michael. we need some rain, too. and it's coming. >> sandhya, how quickly? >> quickly as late tonight, dan and kristen. right now behind me, starting to turn gray and we are going to be needing the rain gear very soon. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. not everyone will see the rain late tonight. only the north bay. and everyone will see it torment
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morning. live doppler 7 hd is showing you the cloud cover. we are tracking the system, which is a light system already producing rain in northern california. here's a look at the temperatures. they're in the 50s and 60s. the coast really dropped off today, only in the 50s for highs as the fog rolled in. and we are starting to see the dak darker skies. a strong storm is coming in on saturday. here's a look at the first system. tonight, just the clouds at 5:00. 11:00 p.m., you'll notice the rain starts to move in to the north bay, between ukiah and santa rosa. and we'll basically be watching for that wet commute -- sorry about that, i pressed the wrong button. we'll be watching for that rain to slide southward as we head towards the morning hours. 2:00 a.m., light to moderate rain. and then it just skirts the coastline in parts of the north bay during the morning commute. there will be wet roadways,
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especially at 7:00 a.m. you'll notice the light rain across the area. 9:00 a.m., still continuing, and then some showers light to moderate in intensity for thursday afternoon. the evening commute looks fine. as far as the rainfall totals, we'll be seeing anywhere between a few hundredths of an inch to over an inch. next storm is a strong storm on our storm impact scale. it's a three, saturday afternoon and evening, one to two inches of rain with gusts over 50 miles per hour possible in between saturday night and sunday and we may see some storms. 10:00 a.m. saturday, light showers up to the north. heavy rain and gusty winds move in around 4:00 p.m. and it continues. 6:00, if you have dinner plans, make sure you have the rain gear with you. 7:00, we're still looking at downpours. the soaking rain continues at 10:00 p.m. and the winds will be strong enough to cause isolated power outages or take down trees. so be careful out there. winds pick up out of the south
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early on saturday. looking at the wind gusts to continue on the 40 to 50-mile-an-hour range saturday night. and then the winds star to taper late saturday night going into sunday. as we look at the snowfall in the sierra, only showers the next few days. saturday night into sunday, it switches to snow. so traveling to the mountains? could see up to a foot and a half with that stronger storm over the weekend. tomorrow morning, temperatures will begin in the low to mid 50s and we'll have some rain around tomorrow afternoon. showers will continue. temperatures will be more in line with winter. low to mid 60s across the area. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. a one on our storm impact scale to get you ready for tomorrow. scattered showers friday. a three coming in, so it's stormy for your saturday. sunday, we have the showers and a thunder chance, it's a two on our storm impact scale, carries over into early monday. a break on tuesday. it will be a much-needed break. another chance of rain on wednesday. so the accuweather seven-day
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forecast has raindrops at least six out of the seven days. impressive, right? kristen, dan? >> that is impressive, and a real change in the pattern. forget looking for your wallet or phone, you could soon be hands free when paying for your purchase. that's next. dan, kristen, the strongest sign yet is one of the candidates about to drop out. late reporting tonight, the train derailment, huge travel problems in several cities. dramatic pictures tonight, the store robbed, ten men making off with ar-15 style rifles. new at 6:00, we are way beyond creams and lotions. see the before and after pictures of skin which has undergone treatment using sound. no
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researchers have found a way to predict alzheimer's years
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before it develops. this video shows the difference between a brain with alzheimer's and a healthy brain. the difference is two destructive proteins thought to cause the disease. past research has focused only on one protein. for the first time scientists say brain scans are able to find signs of the other protein in living patients. the pentagon is asking for a cyber attack and it's not a joke. it's inviting hackers to break into the military's network to test vulnerabilities. but the hackers must be vetted. participants have to submit a background check. the pentagon's most sensitive networks will not be part of the program. alphabet chair and former google ceo eric schmidt is heading up a new effort to make the pentagon more tech savvy. the defense secretary made the announcement in san francisco today. schmidt will lead a new advisory board designed to kickstart innovation in the military. soon you won't have to take
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your phone or wallet out to pay for something. google rolled out a pilot program, allowing you to connect your phone with the store's cash register and pay for your purchase. with this new system, you simply have to tell the cashier your initials. right now the service is only available at a few mcdonald's and papa john's in san francisco. a funny moment for an oscars winner at the airport. he posted this photo on facebook earlier today. what do you see there? oscar statue, right? he said airport security makes no exceptions. frequent flyers, take note. >> that will trip the security thing. and you're not going to check that thing. >> you don't want to, right? they say silence is
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coming up at 6:00 tonight, e exclusive video of six police officers walking into court. details on the testimony given by the first officer to take the stand today. plus, meet the high tech auto mechanics learning how to work on electric cars. new at 6:00, hear the story of the family that just received an eviction notice as their 18-month-old son awaits a bone marrow transplant. that's coming up on "abc7 news" at 6:00. finally here, practice is over. the san francisco giants officially played their first game of spring training today in arizona. >> yes. they played the los angeles angels. new third baseman connor gillespie hit the giants' first
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home run. >> it went deep into the right field bleachers. the giants won 4-1. the a's play tomorrow. baseball is back. the warriors have a lot going on for them right now. the reigning mvp is playing his best basketball and the team is on pace to break the nba regular season for wins. >> it's hard to believe that anyone would not recognize the team's logo, right? >> california pro sports teams for 800, please. >> the logo for this team is seen here. the golden state warriors. >> well, after that episode last night, the contestant tweeted, not much i can say about the warrior thing, except the brain is a funky machine. >> i had the inknow, but couldn't get to it in the moment. >> my son was screaming at the tv trying to help him. "world news with david muir" is next. >> for ault of us here, thank you for your time. hope to see you at 6:00.
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breaking news tonight. is one of the candidates about to drop out? after donald trump's string of victories, tonight, trump's promise. >> i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find that a little bit hard to believe. but believe me, i am a unifier. >> ted cruz and marco rubio taking aim. but is it even possible for any other republican candidate to get the delegates they need? tonight here, we do the math. and the smiles gone. will it be clinton versus trump? direct hit. the tornadoes touching down. tonight, we're on the scene. homes destroyed. and the new system bringing snow and bitter cold. it's moving east. breaking news. armed and dangerous. and the reward at this hour. nearly a dozen men making off with several ar-15-style rifles. that manhunt, right now. the zika outbreak. and tonight, the new headline in the nort


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